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The 2006 Post-enumeration Survey (PES) was the third PES run by Statistics New Zealand. In principle, a PES is a special survey undertaken shortly after the census to evaluate the completeness of census coverage. It involves an independent re-enumeration of a statistically designed sample of all dwellings covered by the national census. Post-enumeration surveys are an essential feature of census-taking in many countries.


The 2006 PES was a sample survey of individuals in private dwellings. The main objective of the PES was to measure the level of national coverage (undercount and overcount) in the 2006 Census of Population and Dwellings. The survey did not aim to check the general accuracy or quality of the responses to specific questions in the census.

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2006 Post-enumeration Survey

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2006 Post Enumeration Survey; 2006 Census Post-enumeration Survey; 2006 PES


Statistics New Zealand: Population Statistics


1/05/2007 12:00:00 a.m.


Statistics New Zealand


Statistics New Zealand

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Temporal Coverage

  • 2006

Topical Coverage

  • Census of Population and Dwellings
  • Population and Migration
  • Undercount
  • Overcount
  • Census
  • Estimates
  • Projections


Significant events impacting this study series

The 2006 Post-enumeration Survey was the third to be undertaken by Statistics New Zealand since the inaugural PES in 1996. The estimation methodology used in 2006 has been improved from that used in the 1996 and 2001 PES, employing internationally recognised methods. A change from 2001 methods has also been necessary as a consequence of the unavailability of some Census field information. There is insufficient evidence to suggest this has had an impact on the PES coverage estimates.


6 Five-yearly

Usage and limitations of the data

Because of the small sample size in the PES, the survey cannot provide reliable results below the published levels.

Main users of the data

Population Statistics and Census Business

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