2018 Census information by variable and quality (Published)

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2018 Census information by variable and quality (Published)

Weekly rent paid by households is the total amount of money spent weekly by a household on obtaining shelter in a private dwelling. This sum normally excludes payments for the use of furniture and utilities (such as electricity, gas, and water) and for the provision of special services such as washing or cooking.

Work and labour force status classifies a person aged 15 years and over by their inclusion in or exclusion from the labour force. For an employed person, it distinguishes between full-time employment (30 hours or more per week) or part-time employment (fewer than 30 hours per week). A person who was not employed is classified as either 'unemployed' or 'not in the labour force'.

Note that the definitions of 'employed', 'unemployed', and 'not in the labour force' are based on those of the International Labour Organization, as set down at the 13th International Conference of Labour Statisticians, 1982.

Workplace address

Workplace address is the physical location of a workplace; distinguishing details can include the building name; street number, name and type; suburb or rural locality; and city, town, or district. The census data on workplace address relates to the workplace address for the main job held by an individual. This is the job in which a person worked the most hours.

Workplace address indicator

The workplace address indicator describes whether the respondent works at home or away from home.

Years at usual residence is the number of completed years up to census night that a person has lived at their usual residence. Short-term absence may be ignored, but long-term absence of 12 months or more is excluded.

Years since arrival in New Zealand is the number of completed years up to census night, since a person born overseas first arrived in New Zealand to live, irrespective of any intervening absences, whether temporary or long term.


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