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The collection of information about household use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is one component of the ICT Programme being run by the Busine ss Infrastructure and Performance tea m of Statistics NZ.


The purpose of the survey is to measure the characteristics of the households and individuals that use ICT, the penetration and use of the Internet, commerce activities conducted via the Internet and use of other ICT. The overall goal is the construction of internationally comparable statistics. The survey was first run in 2006 and repeated in 2009 and 2012 . It is run as a supplement to the quarterly Household Labour Force Survey (HLFS). The data collected provides key measures of the ability of New Zealanders to access computers, the internet and mobile phones. It also measures the activities, uses, practice and security of users of these technlogies and any barriers to access and use of these technologies. The population is all NZ households and individuals aged 15 and over, with a sample of 15,000 households in the civilian non-institutionalised usually resident populatiion aged 15 years and over.

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Household Use of Information and Communication Technology

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Household Use of ICT


Business Infrastructure and Performance


Statistics New Zealand


Statistics New Zealand

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Temporal Coverage

  • 2006 to present

Topical Coverage

  • Broadband connection type
  • Internet Use
  • Internet
  • Connection
  • Website


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Main users of the data

OECD, Public sector, and private sector

Usage and limitations of the data

Assessment of New Zealand against international ICT indicators and policy outcome analysis.

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