Main means of travel to work


Main means of travel to work is the usual method by which an employed person aged 15 years and over used to travel the longest distance to their place of employment (for example, by bicycle, public bus, walking, or driving).

‘Usual’ is the type of transport used most often – for example, the one used for the greatest number of days each week, month, or year. If there are two (or more) forms of transport used equally as often, the most recent form of transport was recorded.

‘Main’ is the type of transport used for the component of the journey that covers the longest distance.

Note: the 'did not go to work today' category was not collected as part of the travel to work question in the 2018 Census, but is included in the classification to allow time series comparisons.

See the ‘Workplace’ definition in Individual definitions.

For classification see Aria.