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The Household Economic Survey (HES) is a vehicle survey, with three alternating cycles of which HES (Expenditure) is one. The other is HES (savings).

The HES (income) provides a comprehensive range of statistics relating to income, housing costs, material wellbeing and a number of demographic information on households and individuals in New Zealand.

The HES (expenditure) provides the same information as HES (Income), but with an expansion of housing costs to include all types of expenditure.

The HES (savings) provides the same information as HES (Income), but with an addition of questions on assets and liabilities.

Therefore, with the alternating cycle mentioned above, the savings and expenditure iterations are every three years and the HES (Income) is every year.


The three main objectives of the HES (expenditure) are:

  • to contribute to the reweighting of the Consumers Price Index (CPI);
  • to supply expenditure statistics for use in estimating Gross Domestic Product (GDP),and
  • to provide an indication of the overall living standards of New Zealanders.

Note: 1) The HES (expenditure) underwent a major redevelopment in 2006/07 and then again in 2015/16. 5) The HES (Income) and (expenditure) survey samples contain approximately 5,000 private households.

Households are sampled from rural and urban areas throughout New Zealand on a statistically representative basis, and information is obtained for each household member, except for full expenditure survey also collects expenditure at the household level.

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Household Economic Statistics (Expenditure)

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