Agriculture Published Variables (v. 2016)

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Agriculture Published Variables (v. 2016)

Land area irrigated by all other travelling and sprayline systems

urease inhibitor coated urea (2017 onwards)

urea ( 2017 onwards)

potassium chloride and/or potassium sulphate

all other fertilisers (2017 onwards)

multiple pond system (with anaerobic and aerobic ponds which discharge)

multiple pond system (with anaerobic and aerobic ponds which occasionally discharge and use land application the rest of the time)

single storage ponds/tanks (with sufficient storage to irrigate when suitable - no solid separations system)

single storage ponds/tanks (which include a solid separation and storage system)

sump storage (storage for at least 1–2 days prior to irrigation)

other effluent management system

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