Agriculture Published Variables (v. 2016)

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Agriculture Published Variables (v. 2016)

TOTAL pigs

Total potassium

TOTAL poultry (includes small flocks)

TOTAL sheep as at 30 June

Total sulphur

Tussock and danthonia used for grazing (whether oversown or not)

Urea (2002~2016)

Urease inhibitor (2010~2016)

Vegetable seed growing

Velvet (all grades) removed (green weight kg)


Wethers (2 tooth and over)

Wheat for bread / milling (hectares)

Wheat for bread / milling (tonnes)

Wheat for other uses (hectares)

Wheat for other uses (tonnes)

Wine grapes

Total of both lambs born to ewes and lambs born to hoggets

The lambing percentage is the number of lambs marked or tailed per ewe mated


Fine wool (24.5 microns or less)

medium wool (more than 24.5 microns, but less than 31.4 microns)

fine crossbred wool (31.4 microns and more, but less than 35.4 microns)

coarse wool (35.4 microns or more)

Land area irrigated by centre pivots and linear moves

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