DataInfo+ glossary

Use this glossary to understand some of the terms used in DataInfo+ and the icons associated with them.


Generally a statistical classification is created to group a set of related categories in a meaningful, systematic, and standard format eg Australia and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification 2006 (ANZSIC06).


The ideas examined in a study, eg expenditure, childcare. Defintions of common statistical terms are also included under Concepts.

Concept Set

A set of concepts used in a particular series or study.

Data Collection

The methodology used to gather data for a study, eg sampling procedure, collection mode.


Lets you download a DDI (Data Documentation Initiative) 3 metadata xml file of a record. DataInfo+ is based on DDI, an international metadata standard for describing data.


Where the financial support for the statistical activity comes from.

Identification Information

Contains the identification number for the record viewed.


Links to related documents.

Metadata Package

A group of information sets (eg concept set, population set) used in a study or series.


A set of things about which statistics can be compiled, eg New Zealand births.

Population Set

A set of populations used in a study or series.

Questionnaires and Forms

The statistical tools (or instruments) used to get answers from respondents to capture a set of information, eg census forms, arrival and departure cards.


A group of studies on the same topic that are conducted over time, eg population census, food price index.

Study / Studies

Activity that collects data to produce statistics on particular topic within a particular period, eg Bioscience Survey 2009.


Any characteristic, number, or quantity that can be measured, counted, or assigned to a category, eg birthplace, income tax.

Variable Set / Variable Group

A set of variables used in a study or series. Variable Groups are a subset of Variable Sets.

Version History

Allows you view the version history of a record.
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